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How to stream live video with a Pro-Grade Video Camera

The first question people ask when they want to stream live video is: "What do I need to do to stream?"

If you are not using a USB 2.0 Web cam (see starter package at left) – there are two basic ways to set up your professional or prosumer grade video camera to your computer.

Each of these two different ways use a different video capture device. You can see the different video capture devices in Step 2 below.

All you have to do is follow the easy chart below to get your video signal from your camera to your computer.

If you are using your video camera's on board microphone you will also capture your streaming audio by following the chart below when using RCA cables in step 4.

Professional and prosumer video cameras are usually tripod mounted video cameras that have a 3-chip video sensor. These cameras offer greater flexibility of use and better overall video quality.

To see Kingdom's easy to setup livestream starter package with an included USB 2.0 webcam click here.

Step 1

Look on your internet-connected computer to find out what type of video inputs you have available. There may be more than one of the ones listed below.

USB 3.0

USB 2.0

Step 2

Once you've identified the video input on your computer, choose the correct video capture device you'll need by matching it up to your computer video input. See below.

Capture Device for USB 3.0 HDMIMAGE

Only $299

Capture Device for USB 3.0 HDMIMAGE

Only $49.95

Step 3

Connect your video capture device to your computer using the correct cable below.

USB 3.0 Cable

USB 2.0 Cable

Step 4

Connect your video camera to your video capture device using the correct cables. These cables should have come with your video camera. You may have a couple of options.

HDMI cable

RCA Composite S-Video cable

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