Using PreachIt to Add Messages to Your Website

A few weeks ago we published some new features to the PreachIt function of your website. Amongst these upgrades is the option to use a more browser friendly (HTML based) player. The previous players available within PreachIt were flash based. While these are still available, Kingdom recommends using the newest HTML players (tutorials to follow).

Web browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Edge, etc really hammered down on their security recently. What does this mean for you? One of the security upgrades means that flash based players can sometimes be blocked from viewing. To ensure your message is always being played, use the following:

Tutorial 1 Adding Audio: Which player to use?

The only

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PWA: The future of Mobile Apps

Apple released a policy update to its store guidelines in June 2017 that changed the way apps are approved. This update, titled 4.2.6 stated that apps built with template based software provide no value in the app store and would therefore be rejected.

Kingdom chose template based software to make app editing easy for you and to keep your monthly costs down. A coded app with comparable features could cost your church thousands of dollars.

We don’t believe in making apps harder and more costly for churches and ministries like you. While we are continually working hard at Kingdom to offer IOS apps again, our focus is in the future of apps. We’ve been fighting the Apple fight alongside

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Locating your Website Submissions (Demystified)

A few months ago, along with the release of our new website designs, we published some new features! Amongst these updates is the option to now view your form and donation submissions within the back end of your website.

Tutorial 1 Form Submissions : Where to find them?

With the Custom Form Maker, it’s possible to not only create and customize multiple forms for your website, but also find and export the form submissions. You can find more about how to create and customize forms by clicking here.

That’s great, you have created a new form….now what? Use the form submissions to your advantage! Website forms are intended to be interactive. If someone submitted a prayer request –

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