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Shelly Roberts and Skip Ethridge
Shelly Roberts and Skip Ethridge Extended Hands of God Ministries
We at Extended Hands of God Highway Ministries would just like to say Thanks to the Kingdom Web Team for all they do. What a huge blessing they have been to Extended Hands of God Highway Ministries. We would recommend them to anyone in the Ministry to use Kingdom. And We Thank God for Them.
We are up and running on our mobile app with the help of Kingdom. Every time I needed help, all I had to do was call. Every time I called, I talked to a very helpful, actual person. Kingdom made this whole process much easier than I anticipated. Thanks to all on your team!
We are very pleased with our Church App. Once online, we found it extremely easy to manage and it has been one of the best avenues of connecting with people that we have ever used. We find that it provides us more traffic per week than either our website or facebook page, so we are excited to make more and more use out of its functions.
Pastor Willie D. Brown
Pastor Willie D. Brown The Faith House, O’Fallon Illinois
This technology is absolutely awesome without an asterisk. Now when people ask about our Ministry, no longer do I have to hope I have a business card on my person or feel a fight against time in trying to verbally share the experience on the spot but I can simply tell them to go to the Google or Apple Stores, look for our Faith House Logo, the Green plane, get the FREE download and enter the City of Faith electronically and instantly. They are amazed that they can get everything on the spot and lock it in on their personal phone with a simple 10 second download.
It has been a truly refreshing experience working with all of you! You all have made this process a breeze. Our new website and app look awesome. I am not a very technical person when it comes to this stuff and you all have made it so easy! The few things I’ve not be able to figure out you’ve quickly stepped in and fixed it for me! I can not thank you enough!! I feel like you have thought of everything.
Melissa Climer
Melissa Climer Family Worship Center
Our website is also in tune with our app which many of our members near and far use weekly to watch our services. We have been pleased with the website and app that Kingdom has created and maintains. Anytime I have trouble they are always available and very helpful to teach me or fix the problem I having.